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Centre de Pièces et Services D.B. inc. put together a few questions that our staff is frequently asked. Please read this section to learn more about our services and products!

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1. Do you carry parts for household appliances?
We are one of the largest parts suppliers for all types and brands of small and large appliances in the greater Montreal area. We deliver all over Quebec and our technicians will be happy to help you to find the part you need!

2. Do you do repairs at home on appliances or heaters?
Our technicians will travel to your home during our business hours between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Our technicians will evaluate the work to be done and see if there are parts to order. Delivery times will vary depending on the brand of your product and the availability of parts from the manufacturer.

3. Can you fix my old refrigerator and is it worth it?
Yes, we do repairs on all types of refrigerators. We can obtain all types of functional parts, however, certain style parts are no longer available on the market. It is always worthwhile to repair your old refrigerators since they are often designed with mechanical parts which are usually more durable than the electronic components of today’s refrigerators.

4. Do you sharpen blades on pet clippers?
Yes, we have specialized equipment to offer professional, long-lasting sharpening services that will extend the life of your device.

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