LE CHAT – Sensitive 0% – 3L

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Hypoallergenic detergent developed with allergists for even more sensitive skin without compromising on effectiveness.




Dedicated for sensitive skin.

impeccable cleanliness and respect for the skin.

Le Chat Sensitive 0% is a new hypoallergenic laundry developed with a scientific committee of dermatologists and allergists

0% perfume. the majority of allergens derived perfume. The Sensitive Formula 0%

thus contains no artificial fragrance to limit the risk of allergic reactions

0% preservatives. To be limited to mainly in the

Sensitive laundry composition of its 0%,

Le Chat offers a new formula without preservatives

. Reassure you, this very rich cleansing formula helps keep active agents

the efficiency of a conventional laundry

-0% colorants. no artificial colors have been added to

keep only the essentials for a perfect result

Result:. hypoallergenic detergent for skins

the most sensitive, which will give your machine a clean

flawless, natural freshness and comfort

incomparable for your skin.

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